Vortex Viper PST Gen II Review [2021]

Vortex Viper PST Gen II Review

Vortex Viper PST Gen I was an excellent range of tactical riflescopes, one that many say redefined the industry. With high-quality hardware & repeatable accuracy in both harsh environments & stressful scenarios, the features, price … [Read More…]

What do the numbers mean on a scope?

What do the numbers on rifle scope mean

Without a doubt, a riflescope can make it easier to hit your mark as it helps the users to take aim and fire at targets that are far beyond their normal range. While they are … [Read More…]

Best scope for a 22 mag rifle

best scope for a 22 mag rifle

Are you ready to hunt with a .22 mag rifle and looking for the best scope for a 22 mag rifle for hunting or shooting?  We know that rifles without a scope are very slow … [Read More…]

Best Thermal Scope under 5000 Dollars

best thermal scope under 5000

Looking for the best thermal scope under 5000 Dollars? Well. You are not alone! As technology evolves, hunters and professional shooters are always on the next big thing, the latest is thermal scope. Design to … [Read More…]

Best scope for 458 SOCOM of 2021

best scope for 458 socom

Meant as an upgrade over 5.56 rounds, the modern 458 rounds are known for their wide availability & extreme destructive forces. It’s especially loved within the hand loaders & AR 15 communities. To take care … [Read More…]

Best thermal scope under 2000

Best Thermal scope under $2000

A thermal scope is a favorite tool for many hunters and gun professionals. They are especially useful for night hunting as it allows you to see your targets even under literally pitch-black conditions. You can … [Read More…]