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Rifle Scopes

best varmint scope for 223

Best Varmint scope for 223 – Top Picks of 2021

Love varmint hunting? Us too! It is a great sport that combines the much-adored fast-paced action of precision shooting with ...
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40mm vs 50mm scope

40mm vs 50mm scope – which is the best lens for shooting?

There isn’t much difference between 40mm vs 50mm scope objective lenses. Also, contrary to popular perception, a 50mm lens doesn’t ...
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best scope for 458 socom

Best Scope for 30-30 Marlin 336 (2021 Review)

As far as classic American firearms go, it doesn't get better than 30-30 Marlin 336 lever-action rifles. They are not ...
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best scope for 458 socom

Best scope for 458 SOCOM of 2021

Meant as an upgrade over 5.56 rounds, the modern 458 rounds are known for their wide availability & extreme destructive ...
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Best Thermal scope under $2000

Best thermal scope under 2000

A thermal scope is a favorite tool for many hunters and gun professionals. They are especially useful for night hunting ...
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best scope for 22lr squirrel hunting

Best scope for 22lr squirrel hunting

Shooting squirrels is one of the enjoyable games, and no doubt, it can be challenging for beginner shooters due to ...
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How-To Guides

how to measure a scope height

How to measure a scope height – all methods Explained!

If you are someone who is into hunting or is into precision shooting, chances are that this particular question may ...
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What do the numbers on rifle scope mean

What do the numbers mean on a scope?

Without a doubt, a riflescope can make it easier to hit your mark as it helps the users to take ...
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how to sight in a thermal scope

How to Sight in a Thermal scope

As technology becomes ever more accessible to civilian shooters, thermal scopes have exploded in popularity – and with good reason ...
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