Best Varmint scope for 223 – Top Picks of 2021

Love varmint hunting? Us too! It is a great sport that combines the much-adored fast-paced action of precision shooting with the level of fun that only game hunting can bring. It’s also great for the environment as varmint hunting helps to control populations of unwanted pests and protect your crops and properties.

There is a massive variety of great rifles & calibers available that are ideal for Varmint hunting. That said, even the best guns will be for naught if it’s not paired with the right scope.

Below, we have listed & reviewed 3 of the best Varmint scopes for 223.

Best Varmint scopes for 223

1. Tasco Target/Varmit 6-24x42mmx 40mm

Marketed as a nightmare for prairie dogs and coyotes, the popular Tasco Target 6-24X42mm delivers bright clear imagery precision shooting but at a fraction of the cost.

With magnifications up to 24X, you can easily hit targets up to 200 yards away.

Despite the low price-tag, the construction feels super solid. It’s also pretty light thanks to the aircraft-grade aluminum used here. The multi-coated lens offers excellent sighting free of distortions and reflections.

This coupled with the scopes ¼ windage/elevation adjustment means that you can really get close to your target & land precision shots every time. We loved the fact that Tasco really went with a true Mil-dot reticle here.

This means you can easily account for bullet drops & elevation changes with relative ease.

Eye relief could’ve been done a bit better though. At just three inches, this scope is not good for anything with more recoil than a 223. Back to the construction, the scope is designed to face the elements head-on. It is water, shock, and fog-proof for rugged, guaranteeing reliably high-octane performance.

The Tasco Target Varmit 6-24X42mm best varmint scope for 223 offers a lot for the price, however, it’s not without its faults, namely the slight blurriness you get at full magnifications. Then again, it’s not enough to be a big deal-breaker, especially considering the price.

  • One of the best budget varmint scopes available, period!
  • Bright, sharp imaging
  • Extra precise ¼ MOA elevation & windage turrets
  • Excellent magnification range capacity
  • Tends to be a bit blurry at full magnification
  • Low eye relief

2. BARSKA Varmint Mil-Dot Riflescope

Along with an impressive 10-40 magnification range, the big 50mm lens used on the Barska Varmint means that you get both a wide imaging area & excellent low-light performance.

The lenses are multi-coated to reduce reflections & improve visibility.

The Barska Varmint uses a mil-dot reticle. The reticle provides excellent holdover reference points to efficiently compensate for bullet drop and wind drift. This along with the excellent, precise windage & elevation adjustments (1/8 MOA not 1/4) features makes this scope pretty darn accurate. The turrets themselves feel clicky and they are also capped for convenience. The use of an adjustable objective lens with parallax correction is another highlight here. Wide viewing area it offers is perfect for spotting small animals such as moles, coyotes, and rats, even when they are fast-moving across the field.

However, the scope’s 3.3-inch eye relief can be a bit problematic if you wear eyeglasses, as you’ll have to stay close to the eyepiece to make shoots.

As for construction, this BARSKA best Varmint scope for 223 fares pretty good. Coated in matte black, the scopes aluminum shell feels robust and sturdy. It’s also water, shock, and fog-proof so yeah; this scope is indeed built for the long run.

The only thing that bothered us was the design of the reticle. The dots on the crosshairs feel a bit too cramped for our tastes. That said, you are still getting enough holdover reference points to compensate for bullet drop & wind drifts so we aren’t exactly complaining here either.

  • Highly versatile 10-30x magnification capacity – perfect for mid-to-long range shots
  • Excellent lowlight performance
  • Grippy, capped turrets
  • Strong, tactical level construction qualities
  • The reticle dotted-design is quite subjective
  • Lacks ¼ MOA

3. Bushnell 3-9×40 Riflescope with DZ 223 Reticle

We were pretty pleased with the Bushnell 3-9X40 riflescope – and rightly so. Along with its excellent imaging, the scope comes with a built-in power lever that helps you to quickly switch between ranges for faster, high-precision shots.

Bolstered by an IP X7 rating, the scope’s build quality is simply phenomenal. The tube feels robust and it’s enough to weather even the worst scenarios. The matte paint job not only protects it but also adds a tactical look that you are sure to love. The Fully coated FMC lens prevents fogging & reduces reflections, giving you crisper images every time. The ballistic drop compensated DZ reticle when coupled with the precise, clicky turrets for windage & elevation adjustments means that you can comfortably make 600 yards shots with pretty ease.

At just over half a KG, the scope is pretty light and doesn’t add much bulk to the gun. You can easily carry it around and it won’t tire you at all.

The dusk & dawn brightness (DDB) coating used on this scope is Bushnell’s proprietary process which results in optimal focus, sharpness, and clarity in low light moments. The scope is also water, fog, dust, and impact-proof which means that there is nothing stopping you from taking part in a rainy day hunting session deep in the Rocky Mountains.

That said, where this Bushnell best varmint scope for 223 here really shines here is at short to medium range. The trusted 3 – 9 X is perfectly suited for varmint sessions. The sleek design & excellent eye relief further add to this scopes charm.

  • Excellent build quality (one of the best in its range)
  • Bright, sharper imaging
  • The DZ reticle & throw lever makes for very precision shooting
  • The scope offers excellent wide view imaging, perfect for moving target acquisition
  • Some have complained about the scope hitting the bolt at times

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