Best thermal scope under 2000

A thermal scope is a favorite tool for many hunters and gun professionals. They are especially useful for night hunting as it allows you to see your targets even under literally pitch-black conditions. You can also use it for daytime targeting as it allows you to spot animals through thick brush, tall grass, rain, and fog. Looking for the best thermal scope under 2000 dollars? We got you covered!

Granted, thermal scopes are a bit more expensive than traditional night vision scopes, but it will make zeroing in on your target much easier, both day & night.

We’ve done the research latest thermal scopes under 2000 dollars & below find the ones you can’t go wrong spending your hard-earned money on.

Best Thermal scopes under $2000

1. ATN ThOR LT Thermal Rifle Scope

The ATN THOR LT is proof that you can still get a powerful best thermal scope under 2000. For starters, it uses the same NextGen Heat sensor as the brand’s more expensive models.

It can detect targets through heavy fog, leaves, and brushes.

Impressively lightweight, the scope is plenty durable with a metal casing boasting water, dust & impact resistance. It resists wear & tear, the lenses are scratch-resistant.

The reticle is wide and has enough eye relief for a comfy experience. It also has one shot zero, which means far less bullet wastage.

best thermal scope under 2000

Just focus the reticle to your first point of impact – that’s pretty much it. The variable magnification range from 3X to 6X. This is great for both hunting to even a bit of tactical work, thanks to the recoil resistant design.

The screen resolution is good, with minimal distortion even at full range. The screen freezes/lags a bit sometimes, but it happens so rarely, it shouldn’t be a deal-breaker.

Battery life is good, with one charge lasting up to 10+ hours. There is also a low power mode that can extend it further for 2+ hours.

The 30mm mounting rings make it easy to change platforms without risking zero adjustments.

  • Excellent “value for money” thermal scope
  • High performance flagship-grade thermal imaging
  • Good battery life
  • Very easy to mount
  • The screen sometimes freezes

2. theOpticGuru Thor LT Thermal Rifle Scope

Yet another best cheap thermal scope for 2021. The popular theOpticGuru ThOR LT features a lightweight, low profile build but offers everything you need to make your shots count, including dual-color modes.

You can use either black hot mode or black mode to easily focus on the target alone from the background for that effortless targeting experience.

The thermal sensor is high powered and does a phenomenal job of seeing through dense smoke, fog, and vegetation. You get a variable 3X to 6X magnification and there is also a one-shot zero feature which allows for faster target acquisitions with minimal round wastage.

The 3-inch eye relief makes it a pleasure to use it for long hours – and long hours you can use it for!

The battery life is also good offering up to 10+ hours of continuous usage per every charge, perfect for those long hunting sessions.

The controls for adjusting the windage, elevation, bullet drop, etc, are all accurate and click with ample feedback.

It’s textured so you can change it with or without wearing gloves. Build wise, theOpticGuru has nailed it.

The anodized aluminum frame feels robust, with ample resistance for elements and shocks.

It’s so tough it can even handle the recoil stress of higher caliber weapons without breaking any stride.

The whole thing is easy to mount/unmount as it uses the standard 30mm rings. You can easily swap platforms without compromising adjustments.

  • Lightweight, ergonomic, and very easy to mount
  • One-shot zero
  • Solid 10+ hours of battery life
  • Thermal imaging with dual-color modes
  • Slightly pixelates at full magnifications

3. ATN ThOR 4, 384×288 Thermal Rifle Scope

If you wanna hunt like a pro, the ATN Thor 4 384X288 can be the best thermal scope under 2000 dollars to get. Armed with a next-gen sensor, this scope offers sharper imaging, even at further ranges. It also has a lot of smart features for a more pleasant experience.

Robustly built with a metal casing & complete element resistance, the 1.25X to 5X variable scopes thermal sensor is higher sensitive, which results in clean targeting with smooth gradations, even in pitch darkness.

It also comes with a built-in ballistic calculator and a laser-based range finder that together ensures pinpoint accuracy at all times.

In fact, this scope is so smart, you can easily adjust for everything from Range, Wind, Multiple-Weapon Profiles, Angle to target, Temperature, Humidity, Plus more with just a few clicks.

You can easily move between platforms thanks to the universal ATN mount, and it’s also light & low profile for easy carry.

best thermal scope under 2000

Additionally, the built-in HD video recorder is great for capturing your finest hunting moments. You can simultaneously stream it to your mobile device (iOS. Android) or save it to the SD card inside.

The battery life is crazy good with the ATN Thor 4 384X288. Armed with a 20000 mAh cell & an ultra power-saving mode, you can get up to 18 hours of continuous use.

  • High-performance thermal sensor with image stabilization
  • Excellent 90mm eye relief
  • RAV (Recoil Activated Video) HD recording available
  • Best in class battery life
  • The customer service leaves a lot to be desired

What to look for when considering a thermal scope under $2000?

1. Magnification

Without a doubt, magnification is one of the core fundamentals that need to be considered when buying a thermal scope under 2000. Ranging from 4X to 16X or more. The choice depends on what you are using your rifle for. While 4X is enough for targeting under 100 yards & general hunting, 16X or more is geared for covert sniping & long-range competitions.

Depending on the model, some come with variable or fixed zooming. We recommend getting the best thermal scope under 2000 with variable zooming as it helps with making the best shot at once rather than it being trial & error.

2. Resolution and color modes

Obviously, the better the resolution, the clearer & sharper the target will be, and the easier it to blow it to smithereens. You’ll also want to keep an eye on screen refresh ratings – the number of times the images on the screen change per second. Common refresh rates are 30Hz, 50Hz, and 60Hz. The higher the refresh rate, the less blurry a moving target will seem on the field.

Depending on the model, you get the RGB scale, greyscale, or CMYK scale. Some color modes work better in certain conditions than others.

3. Reticle style & controls

For accurate targeting, it’s crucial you use a good, comfortable reticle style. Crosshairs come in many styles, i.e., Dots, triangles, Cross. Some models even let you toggle between them. If you are working long-range, getting a model with good eye relief – at least 3.5 inches or more – is a must for comfort. The turrets-knobs that will help adjust windage, elevation, bullet drops, etc…–should be accurate & clicky. If it has caps to avoid accidental changes, all the better.

4. Build quality & battery life

Since a thermal scope under 2000 dollars is still a significant investment, it’s very important to come up with a robust, long performing build quality. An all-metal chassis is preferred. It should be lightweight & must be resistant to shock, water, and moisture. The lens should be crystal clear, with good scratch resistance & anti-reflective qualities.

The longer the battery life, the better. Most budge thermal scope models peak at 10-11 hour backups, and that’s what you should aim for.


A Thermal scope under 2000 dollars is hard to find especially when you are looking for pro sniping. Its a matter of availability of stocks, so grab one soon because they likely to get out of stock very fast.

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How much does thermal vision scopes cost?

Thermal imaging is expensive and can go up to $10,000 easily.

Why are thermal scopes so expensive?

Thermal scopes are expensive because of the material used in the lens. The crystal germanium, chalcogenide glass is used in the manufacturing of lenses of thermal scopes. They are rare in nature.

How much should I spend on a thermal scope?

It totally depends on how much you can afford. Thermal scopes ranges from $1000 to $10,000 and can even go beyond. The difference in a $1000 scope and a $8000 scope will be huge, so make your decision wisely upon your needs.

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