Best Thermal Scope under 5000 Dollars

Looking for the best thermal scope under 5000 Dollars? Well. You are not alone! As technology evolves, hunters and professional shooters are always on the next big thing, the latest is thermal scope.

Design to read temperature instead of light, thermal scopes are great for hunting animals in the dark.

The unique function allows them to see their targets through thick bush, smoke, fog, etc., too Indeed, they are a bit pricey, but if you’re serious about hunting or make living with tactical/military work, their low-light advantages make them a no-brainer.

Below, you will find the top 5 best thermal scopes under $5000 to choose in detail along with a buying guide.

Best Thermal Scopes under $5000

1. ATN OTS-HD 640 Thermal Scope

ATN is long considered one of the best thermal scope under 5000 dollars and the ATN OTS 640 is one of their top flagships.

The scope uses next gen thermal sensors that can pick out even the tiniest trace of heat & display it on its vibrant 640X480 sharp screen.

With an effective magnification range rated at 2.5 to 25X, the ATN OTS–HD 640 nails both short-range shots & long-distance targets.

They have also integrated a gyroscope stabilization & e-compass to help better offer stable targeting at extreme distances.

Use the rangefinder to get an accurate distance estimation between you & your targets. This can help a lot when adjusting for windage, elevation, bullet drop, etc., to get the perfect shot you can easily relive your best hunting moments using the integrated HD video recorder with Wi-Fi streaming capabilities.

You can also use it to take still photos of your kills. ATN has gone with E-zoom here instead of optical to reduce weight, and it works well.

The images are clear with minimal motion blur, and you get several color modes to choose from.

The aluminum built weather-sealed build feels solid & the lenses are also mil-grade scratch resistant.

  • High-resolution 640X480 screen for sharper targeting
  • Extra perks like rangefinder, e-compass, and E-zoom improve user experience & accuracy
  • Excellent build quality
  • Built-in video recorder with streaming
  • Uses electronic zoom which doesn’t provide an image as well as an optical zoom can

2. theOpticGuru Thor LT Thermal Scope

Whether you are on a strict budget or just wanna save some bucks, theOpticGuru ThOR LT is a wonderful thermal scope to consider.

Naturally, it lacks some smart features, but when it comes to precision targeting, it’s just as good as other scopes here.

With the added advantage of being incredibly light, the scope’s aluminum shell feels reassuringly solid in hand.

The o-ring sealed design makes it fully water & shockproof which is perfect for hunting all year around.

The 320X240 scope, while good, does mean you lose a bit of clarity when zooming on the prey across its 5X to 10X magnification range thankfully, there is no motion blur, owing to the use of a 60Hz display panel.

In the thorOpticGuru Thor LT’s case, the low spec design also translates to better battery life. On a single charge, it can last up to 10 hours of continuous use. You see, going budget too is not without its own perks!

Some of the other key perks of this affordable scope include multiple reticle options, ample eye relief, easy mounting, and more.

Put together, and you will get a solid yet affordable thermal scope that’s suitable for almost every feasible hunting scenario you can think of.

  • A ton of value for your money
  • Slim & lightweight yet has a tough metallic and sealed construction
  • Excellent battery life
  • Clicky, very accurate turret controls
  • Imaging at higher magnifications are not that good
  • Lacks ANY smart features

3. ATN ThOR-HD 640, 640×480 Thermal Scope

The 640X480 heat sensor the ATN thOR-HD can pick up even minute differences between surfaces, allowing you to easily spot animals both day & night.

The scope is powerful enough to sight through thick smoke, bushes, and grass.

The model is built for high-performance targeting. Alongside a magnification rating of 1X to 10X, the built-in ballistic calculator with rangefinder helps improve your shot placement by calculating its trajectory beforehand.

For further precision, you get smooth variable zoom with this best thermal rifle scope under 5000 dollars which ensures that your target never leaves the sight while you zoom in for a better shot, even if it’s moving.

For better convenience, you can set different scope profiles for each weapon. This can save you a lot of time as you don’t have to fiddle with the settings whenever you switch to a new gun.

If this wasn’t enough, you can also use the scope to record your hunting escapades and share them with your family and friends.

The videos are captured (recoil activated) in HD and can be streamed using Wi-Fi or save to the internal SD card.

Finally, the ThOR–HD 640 has an excellent battery backup. Together with the external battery pack, you can get up to a whopping 22 hours of continuous usage.

  • Tons of smart features: Wi-Fi streaming, iOS/Android Apps, etc…
  • Recoil activated video (RAV) HD recording
  • Tough, reliable build
  • Built-in range finder & ballistic calculator offers extreme precision shots, every time.
  • For the price, we wished they included a carry case

4. Pulsar Thermion XQ50 Thermal Riflescope

Shooting professional who are looking for the best rifle thermal scope will find everything they want with a Pulsar Thermion XQ50. For starters, it’s slim, sleek, and has a metal chassis, which is IP67 rated for water resistance.

With a resolution of 1024X768 aka HD, Pulsar Thermion XQ50 features an AMOLED display that gives you a bright, sharp & vibrant look at your targets.

Besides you also get multiple zeroing profiles + one-shot zero, 15 reticle styles in up to 4 colors – black, red, white, and green. Thanks to all that, you can enjoy an unprecedented level of accuracy while enjoying max visual comfort.

This best Pulsar thermal scope under $5000 has decent 7-hour battery life. You will also get an external battery pack with the kit that you can use to enhance your run time.

You can connect the Thermion XQ50 to your smart device via Wi-Fi and record and stream your hunting moments. The recording is trigger activated to make every shot count. You also get picture-in-picture digital zoom while using the stream vision app.

One thing we really loved about the Thermion XQ50 is the instant start-up mode. As soon as you hit the button, the scope wakes up & is ready to shoot within just 1 second.

  • Bright, HD AMOLED display with fast, no lag target sighting
  • Clean, intuitive user interface
  • Tons of reticle choices
  • Smart perks like zero profiles, video recording, and streaming, etc…
  • The range of Wi-Fi streaming leaves a lot to be desired

5. Pulsar Thermion XQ38 Thermal Riflescope

Pulsar started in 1994 intending to revolutionize thermal imaging. It has since consistently produced some of the best thermal scopes out there – with the latest, and one of the best being the Thermion XQ 38.

The device has a magnification range between 2.5X to 10X, which should satiate most mid to long-range shooters.

The full HD color AMOLED display looks good, punchy, and offers sharp imaging without much motion blur.

You get up to 13 different reticle styles with easy toggle, and when paired with the one-shot zero (with profile support), you can easily hit your target every time with great confidence.

As far as heat detection goes, the scope has an effective range of 2500 yards. The high powered sensor can work across vegetation, smoke, and fog.

Smart feature-wise, you get integrated photo & HD video RAV recording with 16GB onboard SD card memory.

You can also stream the video to your smart device using built-in Wi-Fi. The whole thing comes encased in an all-metal hub with an IP67 rating for reliability.

  • Dual pack (one internal, one external) batteries offer class-leading backup
  • Bright, crazy sharp AMOLED 60Hz display
  • 13 reticle styles
  • Video/photo recording with streaming support
  • The scope is a bit on the heavier side

Buying Guide for Best Thermal Scopes under $5000

1. Magnification

Typically, thermal scopes can range in magnification power from 2X to 16X or higher depending on the price. The choice naturally depends on what you are using your rifle for. While 4X is enough for targeting within 100-150 yards & for casual hunting, 16X or mostly geared for covert sniping, tactical work & long-range competitions.

Opt for optical magnification over digital ones as the latter ones can get blurry in long-range sighting, also, give priority for models with variable zooming as this can give you more versatility while out on the field.

2. Resolution, Refresh rate & color modes

Just like on a TV, the higher the resolution, the crisper the targets are gonna seem to you through the thermal scope. A higher refresh rate is also crucial since it ensures accurate aiming, especially with a moving target. They are calculated in hertz (Hz), with 30Hz, 50Hz, and 60Hz being the common standards in models – buy appropriately.

For better versatility, pick the best thermal scope under $5000 that can show you targets in multiple color modes, i.e., the RGB scale, greyscale, or CMYK scale. This is crucial too as some color modes tend to work better in certain conditions than others.

3. Reticle style & eye relief

Thermal scope sights come with a variety of Reticle options, from sophisticated mil-dots to simple crosshairs and triangles. Some even offer multiple retile styles & lets you toggle between them.

Either way, pick per your shooting pursuits. If you’re into high caliber weapons, getting a thermal scope with good eye relief (at least 3.5 inches) is crucial for both comfort & safety.

4. Battery life

Swapping batteries is not a luxury you can often while hunting through the wood. So, it makes sense to get the best thermal scope for 5000 that doesn’t need to be charged frequently. Most thermal scopes come with a Li-Ion battery pack that can last up to 10+ hours.

This is enough for a full night of hunting & then some. Prefer models with a USB recharging port, as you’ll then have the option to use power banks or solar cells.

5. Warranty

As you know, thermal scopes can be a pretty sizable investment, so it makes sense to get a model with a good warranty/guarantee to get the most out of them. Some well-known brands like Nikon, Pulsar tends to offer lifetime or limited warranties with their scopes.

Some others provide warranties only when applied for them separately. Either way, a warranty is a must-have with these pricey scopes.

6. Other features

Since you’ll be paying to the tune of $5000+ for a thermal scope, it only makes sense to have a few extra features that can improve your hunting experience. Give extra consideration to models with perks like GPS tracker, Wi-Fi connectivity, for streaming, and digital compasses.

Some models also offer recoil activated video recording, ballistic calculators, and laser rangefinders, gyroscope, etc… Think about the features you get & weigh them against what you want, and budget & pick accordingly.


Indeed, a thermal scope would be a great addition to your armada if you are looking to upgrade your night hunting game, recommended by experts, the best thermal scope under 5000 models are all highly versatile & brings a lot to the table.

Consider your exact needs, your budget & use that to fuel your decision. In any case, you can’t go wrong with any of them.

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Can you sight in a thermal scope during the day?

During the day time, it will depend much on the season. The thermal scopes work on heat intensities which works great when used in night as the temperature of nature gets down during night.

Can ATN Thor be used in daylight?

No, It cannot be used in Day light.

How far can you shoot with a thermal scope?

A Thermal scope can detect animals far from 1000 yards as well with its heat tracing but it won’t be able to recognize the animal as more far you go.

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